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Chairman Matt Moore
SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore visits the Dawnbusters

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Chairman Chad Connelly
South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly visits the Dawnbusters


The Lexington Dawnbusters Breakfast Club meets every Wednesday morning from 7am to 9am at Lizard Thicket (map below) located at 4610 Augusta Rd, Lexington, SC 29073 -  email (staff@lexingtondawnbusters.com) or call (803-730-0381) for location information.

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Lexington Dawnbusters

Perry Calls SC the State That Picks Presidents

Rick PerryGov. Rick Perry stops by Lizard's Thicket in Lexington to meet with a local breakfast club and win over votes before the Jan. 21 primary.

By Shireese Bell (LexingtonPatch) 1/11/12

Wilma Storey, of the Lexington Dawnbusters, a local group that meets weekly to share information and ideas about local, state and national politics, said she hasn’t decided on her candidate of choice but that all of the GOP presidential candidates have a good shot in South Carolina.

“I think Perry has as good a chance as any of them,” Storey said. “South Carolina is not going to be led by any media or any polls. We’re our own people. You got to remember most people in South Carolina really do not get engaged until the last week or so.”

“I was very impressed with his talk this morning. He laid it all out. Very clear, very precise. “ Read full story...


Perry tells S.C. group he'd reduce federal government

By ADAM BEAM (TheState.com) 1/11/12 - abeam@thestate.com

Rick Perry told a conservative [Lexington Dawnbusters] breakfast club in Lexington this morning that he would make the federal government as "inconsequential as I can," continuing his campaign narrative as an outsider who can fix Washington D.C. - "Some days, I think he (has a chance to win), and some days I feel discouraged," said Joyce Mize, 71, of Lexington. "But I feel excited today." Full Story...


Lexington County Sheriff Metts


Group Photo 10/5/11 - Hosted by Wilma Hoffmann Storey


7/27/11- Member Rachel Dampier pulls the winning ticket for the door prize -  SC Senator Jim DeMint’s new book, “The Great American Awakening.”


Lt. Col. Bill Connor stops in on 7/13 and discusses the issues with early troop withdraws.*

Lexington Dawnbusters

Luke 10:27  (KJV) And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

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A Little History

Lexington County and its county seat, the town of Lexington, were named for the battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, the first battle of the American Revolution. This part of the state was first named Saxe Gotha township about 1733. It was designated as Lexington County from 1785 to 1791, then was merged back into the larger Orangeburg District. Lexington was eventually made a separate district in 1804. Small parts of the county later went to form Aiken (1871) and Calhoun (1908) counties. European settlement of this area began around 1718 when the British established a trading post on the Congaree River, which eventually became the town of Granby. Beginning in the 1730s many German, Swiss, and Scotch-Irish immigrants moved into the area and established small farms. Granby was the leading town and county seat for many years, but the growth of Columbia across the Congaree led to Granby's decline, and the county seat was moved to the town of Lexington in 1818. Several Revolutionary War skirmishes took place in this area, and General Sherman's troops shelled the city of Columbia from the Lexington side of the Congaree during the Civil War. In 1930 Lake Murray was created on the Saluda River in Lexington County, covering many of the old farms and creating new recreational opportunities for the county. Revolutionary War heroine Emily Geiger was a resident of Lexington County, and television personality Leeza Gibbons grew up there.

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The Lexington Dawnbusters Breakfast Club is basically just a “Political Mixer.” They meet every Wednesday morning at 7am for breakfast in the Lexington area. There are no dues or registration requirements; attendees must however pay for their own drinks and food items. The purpose of the gathering is to share important information & ideas, discuss current events with old friends, and to make new friends. Attending the meetings does not in any way imply that an attendee agrees, supports, or endorses any other participant or their activities - It’s just about “Meeting, Greeting, and Sharing.”

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